Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Would you pay $99,000 for a starter pack?

WebMethods has launched a starter pack for Infravio X-Registry, which combines a UDDI registry, a JAXR repository, and what they coyly describe as integrated governance [which] ensures that these policies can be effectively applied across design-time, run-time and change-time environments.

For the bargain basement price of just $99,000 you get to minimize the upfront cost of initial adoption. Or to put it another way, you get 2 cpus, 5 named users and a UDDI registry that will allow you to define just 25 web services.

Why on earth would anyone want to pay that much to adopt a vendor-ized version of open standard technologies? Now if they had said this was a free community edition, they might be in with a chance of luring unsuspecting punters in and hitting them with the upgrade later. But this way round? Seems daft to me...

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