Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kalido in a box?

Bloor's Philip Howard writes in that Kalido gets a competitor.

The problem Kalido addresses is dealing with change in a datawarehouse; for nearly 10 years Kalido has been the only company trying to The new kid on the block aiming to manage changing/evolving business models without having to completely rebuild your datawarehouse is BIReady, a small Dutch company (hmm, Kalido came out of Royal Dutch Shell ... do those Netherlanders know something we don't?) which claims to deliver 'fully model driven' data warehouse with support for history of change.

This is an area which has traditionally been dealt with by large numbers of staff and consultants. Kalido has managed to make some sales in large multi-national companies who value the benefits of managing not just evolving models, but multiple concurrently active models. BIReady looks too small to bite off these very large organisations (like Shell, Unilever etc) - but they may help to commoditise this part of the DW market, and perhaps make people think about model-driven warehousing further down the food chain.

One to watch.

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BI Expert said...

The acceptence of model driven data warehouse generation seems to grow fast if the success of BIReady does reflect this trend.
And by working with IBM it looks that BIReady can also challenge the large multinationals. Interesting to watch.