Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Data warehouse appliance pros and cons

Andy Hayler writes here about the marketing hype surrounding data warehouse appliances like Netezza, and warns that buyers should not just consider the 20% of a project budget that is typically spent on hardware and software. The other 80% goes on - well, people like us.

However the economic case for the Netezza model can still be made - rather easily. I’m aware of a POC where the capital costs of a 50TB Netezza solution are considerably less than the business is being charged back each year just for the cpus and discs supporting the equivalent Oracle DW. The clincher is that Netezza doesn’t require the same level of DBA expertise - it just hasn’t got any tuning knobs for us to fiddle with. Oh, and critical queries run up to 150 times faster ...

If these appliances result in a hefty capital saving and a substantial reduction in DBA/performance tuning overheads, then they will certainly continue to gain market share.

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