Friday, April 13, 2007

Iona picks up LogicBlaze and its open source SOA platform

The team at LogicBlaze has been putting together open source systems including Apache ActiveMQ (a JMS implementation), Apache ServiceMix (an ESB) and LogicBlaze FUSE (their own SOA platform).

Iona and LogicBlaze have been working together for a while, so there shouldn't be too many integration problems.

I wish the team, especially James Strachan and Robert Davies, former founders of (and my colleagues at) SpiritSoft, good luck in their new home. It's interesting that Iona - which contributed several to the Spiritsoft team around the turn of the millenium - should be their next resting place.


Paul said...

Yes, good luck Rob and James

Paul B (ex-SpiritSoft)

James Strachan said...

Thanks Nigel! Small world eh! :)