Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Got an issue with that?

Here's a little summary of issue management systems I found in the Register for use with (agile) software products. It struck a chord with me - not least because I am right now working with a project team of around 30 trying to manage and organise a range of issues on an ever changing series of spreadsheets, using email as the repository.

I could add the example issue tracking system that comes with Oracle Apex - has anyone tried that?

Other wikis with issue management templates / recipes are available - including PmWiki PITS.

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Andy Carlson said...

I quite liked Trac when I tried it out. I've never used it 'in anger' though. I have both installed and used Buzilla in anger... usually quite a lot of anger!. Here's another article which goes into more detail on three tools.