Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vitria brings Web 2.0 and high transaction rates to BPM with M3O

Vitria recently announced its new M3O product, which is claims to be the convergence of BPM, Web 2.0 and Event Processing. Bloor's Simon Holloway reviews it here, where he quotes Vitria saying:
  • "BPM provides standards-based executable modelling (based on BPMN) on top of business knowledge Repository.
  • Web 2.0 provides the rich user experience with zero footprint to enable a collaborative design environment.
  • Event processing provides the support for rule and process definition and real-time runtime performance based on event driven architecture.
  • Only when you combine these together do you get a fundamentally new user experience with multilayer visualization, collaborative modelling environment, business level abstractions and event management"

Leaping shamelessly onto a passing bandwagon, Vitria explains M3O as "think iPhone meets dashboards" (quoted from ebizQ). The idea is that the "iPhone coolness" of the Web 2.0 interface will remove the gap between business and IT people. Well, as long as it doesn't (like the iPhone) lock users into an expensive long term relationship...

This looks like the first fruits from the return of JoMei Chang as CEO last July and the decision to go private, executed last March.

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