Monday, April 07, 2008

Kalido Business Information Modeler - everyone should have one

I posted about Kalido Business Information Modeler back in February, but now it's gone GA and Philip Howard reviews it at IT-Director. He is pretty enthusiastic and says "everyone should have Kalido Dynamic Information Warehouse and they should certainly have Universal Information Director and Business Information Modeler too."

The only negative he comes up with is "the relatively limited number of platforms that Kalido's software runs on: one would like to see it on Netezza for example, or Teradata".

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Stephen said...

While I'd also like to see Kalido support Netezza, Teradata, and MySQL 5.1 (when it ships), support for Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server gives Kalido coverage for what, 70-80% of the data warehousing market? And they appear to have something going with Dataupia, so maybe appliance support of some type is coming.