Saturday, June 21, 2008

First come first severed (sic)

A little off topic perhaps, but sometimes the illiteracy of business communications just amazes me. This is from a Jobserve recruitment ad:
  • A large railway company are looking to hire a Oracle Developer to join there expanding company on a 3 month rolling contract.
Next comes a fairly detailed set of technical requirements; as it seems to make sense, it was no doubt supplied by the said railway company. Finally the ad ends with this appeal:
  • The is major role and candidates will be selected on matching skills and on first come first severed basis
Sounds painful! Seems unfair to be severed for being the first response. Perhaps I should wait a week before applying?

1 comment:

Noons said...

It really gives a warm feeling about the environment one will be working in, doesn't it?

It's not like spell-checking a doc is cuting edge, advanced technology...