Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vote now to open up Metalink!

Richard Harding has proposed on Oracle Mix that Metalink should be opened up:

There is goldmine of useful information in Metalink and having access to it would optimize the efficiency of people using Oracle toolsets, in my opinion enhancing productivity and by inference Oracle adoption globally which would be win win for everyone.

I've expressed the same thoughts myself in the past. So all of you Oracle professionals who would benefit from access to Metalink but are not included in your employer's arrangements (especially for freelancers like me) - go and vote!


Chris Muir said...

Sounds like there's a number of common threads running on the Mix.


Nigel said...

Yes; my previous blog supported both opening up Metalink to search (ie Google) and to OTN members (as well as paid up customers).

So I vote in favour of any/all of:
Mix needs an RSS feed, Email distribution lists for Groups,
RSS feeds everywhere, and RSS feeds and email.

Regards Nigel