Sunday, February 01, 2009

Shared Feeds

My posting rate has been quite low recently, but I have been enjoying using Google Reader to keep up with what everyone else is saying.

I've been sharing items with some friends / colleagues, but it seems harmless to open this up to the world. The topics are eclectic, but mainly around product development, event stream processing, RDBMS and data warehouse. Maybe the very occasional Dilbert or xkcd. You're all very welcome to see what I've shared - the links are now on the right hand side of this blog. And if you too are using a reader, here is a direct link to my shared items and here is the atom feed for them. If Google could just pack up my daily shares as a single blog post, wouldn't that be great.

I'm still successfully avoiding Twitter... I've no idea how I would find the time, and having seen Philip Schofield mentioned as a user (on a low rent BBC Sunday afternoon show) - and apparently now he is London's #5 tw*t(terer), so it must be hopelessly uncool anyway.

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