Monday, June 18, 2007

IBM acquires Telelogic; a Rational move?

Interesting. IBM just announced the acquisition of Telelogic for around $745M. Telelogic is a Swedish company specialising in software configuration management; obviously their products will come under the Rational brand within IBM.

I spent much of the the last year as a Telelogic CM/Synergy user - having previously been more familiar with IBM Rational's own ClearCase product. They each have their strengths and weaknesses; but both suffer most from the naivety of their users and administrators. I've now worked on several sites who have proudly handed over some seriously enterprisey sum of money to the vendor, and then used one or other of these products when CVS or Subversion would have worked just as well (or maybe better). Why buy an all-singing, all-dancing tool, and then tie its hands behind its back?

Anyway, read what the Register says here and here.

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