Monday, June 25, 2007

IBM loses 80% of its Informix customer base

Computer Business Review reports that IBM admits to losing 4 out of every 5 customers for the Informix database it bought back in 2001. That's 80,000 gone out of 100,000.

Where did they go - to DB2 (in which case IBM is happy, even if the Informix rump isn't), or to Oracle, MS or the open source competition?

There's a contrary opinion here from ComputerWorld. Informix may have been "IBM's dirty little secret" but CW believes that the recent "Cheetah" release, improved marketing and changes to senior management in IBM will add up to a better future. Oh, and those 20,000 customers turn into 20,000 members of the Informix User Group - so there may be more out there that CBR didn't count.

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Noons said...

don't worry. somewhere in the first quarter 2008 an IBM marketeer will troll again - for the 9th year in a row - at, that the "takeover of Oracle by db2 is just around the corner"!

immediately after that, someone will suggest that thier middle name is Santa...

aren't marketing campaign cycles delicious?