Friday, June 15, 2007

The new house is coming on nicely

Here's a view of our new venture Casa dei due Mori - the house of the two mulberries - under construction. We're certainly looking forward to spending lots of time there this summer when it should be finished. It's been a long trek to get this far - nearly four years from the thought to the finished article. I think it will be well worth the wait.


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LP said...

Nigel, as far as i can recall "Moro" means "muslim" in old-fashioned Italian, so that "casa dei due Mori" should be translated as "house of two Moors" whereas mulberries are fruits.
Nice estate, though :)

LP said...

ok, sorry - meant "Mori" as persons, whereas google translates them as trees ("Gelsi"). Could be right, though I never called them that way :)

Nigel said...

My dictionary gives both, and I preferred the sound of Mori. The vivaio - nurseryman - agrees I think.

Anyway, glad you like it. We're off tomorrow to move in over the weekend, then back again in August...