Sunday, March 26, 2006

Late Developer

I've been enjoying various Oracle and other industry blogs for some time (thank you Mark Rittman, Oracle WTF and many more), and I realise it's about time for me to contribute as well as simply lurking in the background.

While I was at SpiritSoft I started up a regular internal weekly newsletter about what was going on in the EAI industry. This spread out of the company to some of our partners and suppliers. I covered product launches, some financial news, gossip from the Java community, and any cheap scandal I could find. I managed to keep it up even after leaving SpiritSoft in 2003 - but only for a year. After two years and a hundred issues or so it petered out. It was just too much trouble trying to find enough interesting things to say each week, formatted into a dinky newsletter.

I'm hoping that more informal blogging will work better and last a bit longer. I don't have to pad it with fluff, thank the Lord.

All of your comments and feedback will be most welcome - I'm looking forward to re-establishing contact with former colleagues, and making some new friends on the way.