Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Got an issue with that?

Here's a little summary of issue management systems I found in the Register for use with (agile) software products. It struck a chord with me - not least because I am right now working with a project team of around 30 trying to manage and organise a range of issues on an ever changing series of spreadsheets, using email as the repository.

I could add the example issue tracking system that comes with Oracle Apex - has anyone tried that?

Other wikis with issue management templates / recipes are available - including PmWiki PITS.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration

Informatica has helpfully syndicated the latest data integration magic quadrant. Out goes Ab Initio - apparently due to their perennial problems with secrecy (ie they won't tell anyone anything). Only IBM and Informatica make it to poll position (IBM slightly bolstered by its recent purchase of DataMirror). Hummingbird is the back marker, both for vision and ability to execute. Anyway, read it yourselves; no major surprises in there (and why would there be in such a mature market...).

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Is there WebLogic in Oracle's bid for BEA?

Finally, Larry has got out his wallet and made a bid for BEA( which of course they have rejected). This one has been waiting to happen for several years. Oracle's experience with app servers hasn't been entirely happy - but after a slow start they have managed to steamroller their way to a decent market share (often on the back of Oracle Apps); meanwhile most of the (often less well funded) pioneers have fallen by the wayside. Who remembers Persistence? Gemstone? Whatever happened to Sun's variously named products?

So who's left now? Oracle, IBM, BEA; MS IIS for the Netties, and a handful of low/no cost options led by JBoss (aka Red Hat).

Buying BEA presents an interesting marketing challenge in the J2EE app server area - though at least Oracle only has one app server at a time. Thing are much more exciting (ie confused) in the integration / add-ons market; Oracle Fusion is already in a state of upheaval, digesting bits and pieces from Siebel, Sunopsis, Hyperion and others. Throwing in BEA AquaLogic - which itself combines organic development and some BEA acquisitions, I seem to remember - will be "interesting" to say the least.

And don't forget other jewels at BEA. Tuxedo - a real piece of engineering - something Oracle could usefully combine with the best of its own server technology; and JRockit - a high performance JVM.

For those who hate acquisitions, remember: BEA bought in both JRockit (from a startup) and Tuxedo (originally developed at AT&T, bought in 1995)... and come to that, WebLogic itself (in 1998).

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Onwards and upwards

I've recently started a new contract which should prove very interesting. Starting off with a data migration study, I'm expecting there will be lots of performance planning and assurance to follow.

The setting is a rather large and unusual Oracle Apps implementation - client confidential of course. RAC, stretch cluster, massive batch processing, impossible response and resilience targets? Lots for me to (re)learn, and hopefully some useful previous experience to share.

The 250 mile weekly commute is a bit of a pain...

Bottoms up!