Friday, November 28, 2008

Unexpectedly honest job posting

I recently joined the Oracle Connections group on Linked-In and I'm getting regular daily mails with job postings and searches for work. Mostly harmless, but I've just seen a great one:

(You may need to be a member of Linked-In and/or the Oracle Connections group to follow the link).

I think we've all been there, confRigurating away to our heart's content, haven't we? It certainly explains a lot of the problems we see in production.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

OT: 3 Mobile Broadband doesn't much like Gmail and Blogger

I use 3 mobile broadband in the UK (and Italy) and I have only a couple of nags about it:
  1. I can't use FireFox 3 and Gmail together over mobile broadband - I have to switch to IE7 and sometimes I have to downgrade Gmail to the simple HTML version. I have 2 gmail accounts (one work, one private) and the problem seems to be worse on the latter. The symptom is that the loading bar is followed by a blank screen and the status "Done".
  2. I simply cannot seem login to over mobile broadband - hence no posts during the week (probably a good thing as I'm supposed to be working). I get a 404.

These problems seem to persist whether I am in Italy with no bars on my reception, or in the west end with 5 bars. Does anyone have any idea what's going on?