Tuesday, October 13, 2009

User friendly / supported monitoring of concurrent processes

Yes, I know everyone else is having a great time at OOW, but some of us are back in the real world still.

I've asked a question on OTN (under EBS General Discussion) Best way to execute / monitor long running custom conc request with slave.

Can anyone help me with suggestions for an EBS-supported API (11.5.10 on Solaris 10 / Oracle 9iR2) that would enable the professional user who launched a (PL/SQL) concurrent process to monitor its progress over several hours from his/her application UI? To add to the fun, the process is going to spawn some slaves to make use of all the spare CPUs / cores / threads we have lying around.

As a developer, I would normally start with the DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.SET_SESSION_LONGOPS procedure (and I'll build that in anyhow) - but in this case I'm struggling to find any documentation or ML notes. to point me at something that would actually appear on the apps UI.

Answers here - or better still, on the OTN thread. Thanks in advance!